That Man is You


That Man is You

Where ever you are in your spiritual life, Jesus Christ want to encounter you right there…and take you further. 

We meet on  Saturdays from 7:15am – 8:30am in  Room 24. 


Three Wisdoms of the Catholic Church: knowledge (including medical and social science); understanding (theology including Scripture, the Magisterium, and Tradition); and wisdom (contemplative or mystical knowledge found primarily in the writings of the saints).  It is a 26-week interactive, multimedia men’s program divided into two 13-week “semesters.” The weekly meetings provide men with the opportunity to receive and apply relevant information to issues facing men today.

The program makes extensive use of medical and social sciences that  help men understand the mystery of the human person and the fundamental importance of marriage and the family to larger society.  Men consider the content to be the greatest strength of the program. The theological content emphasizes that ”  Marriage has been placed at the heart of the great struggle between good and evil, between life and death, between love and all that is opposed to love”  ~Pope John Paul II. This understanding of woman is credited with literally transforming men and their marriages.