Reconciliation takes place every Saturday from 3:30pm -4:30pm in the church.

Preparation for First Reconciliation involves the child, the parent and the entire parish community.  In First Reconciliation we learn that we have a loving God, willing to forgive our mistakes when we strive to be our best, and are truly repentant for our sins.
Our preparations approach is family based, and parents are welcomed into the classroom along with their child.  Preparation classes are about every three weeks.
Children should be age 7 or older to prepare for the sacrament.  Parents discern when their child is ready.  Preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion ordinarily include at least two years of family or classroom based Faith Formation.

Registration is in August and September.  First Reconciliation is usually in January.


  • Catechism based textbooks for Youth Faith Formation and the Sacraments
  • Family focused – Parent-Children learning sessions for the entire family
  • Parent Friendly – Parent sessions offered at same times as Faith Formation
  • Family Friendly – No classes on 3 day weekends
  • Classes start with prayer and snacks at 10:15 and end at 11:30am.
  • First Eucharist, First Communion and Confirmation programs that are highly praised for their spirituality

Registration is in August and the first week of September. Classes begin in mid-September and the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist occur in the Spring. Download the registration forms from the Faith Formation / Religious Education page on the parish website. Once you fill them out and sign them, bring them to the registration table set up in front of the Church in August and September (check the Bulletin for dates), send them to the office, or scan and email them back to Deacon Ben. Pay when you register or bring a check to the first class session. We make it easy!


finding-god-2013-mainIn response to our parent’s comments, we are continuing with the Program based upon the Loyola Press series Finding God; Our Response to God’s Gifts.

Beautifully illustrated and written specifically for each grade, the series has been designed as a successful way to invite children, and the adults who care for them, to enter into a deeper relationship with God and the Catholic Church in service to the world

We are keeping what makes us best – our family friendly program and inter-generational gatherings provide opportunities for our parents to learn right along with their children as they explore and celebrate our faith. Research shows parental guidance and example are the most important influences on their children.


With the exception of Retreat Days to be scheduled, we meet on Sundays, attend the 9:00 Mass and then children go straight to class at 10:15. Snacks are served in the room. Parents either attend with the child or one may attend and the other go to Room 24 for Coffee With Clergy. Class ends at 11:30.


first Communion is a family affair - Fr Jim, parents, childrenFIRST COMMUNION

Is your child ready to join in Holy Communion? At St. Patrick’s First Communion preparation generally occurs during second grade, although sometimes it is earlier and sometimes it is later. Our process is for children of many ages. It is always a family affair; the preparation process involves the child with parents or guardians.

In Holy Communion, your child takes their second step, after Baptism, into full initiation into the Church. They receive the bread and wine at Mass and fully participate at the Table of the Lord.

A feature of our program is that First Eucharist is celebrated with the family at a Mass of their choice for two weeks beginning on Mother’s Day. The child making First Communion participates in the Mass, and is especially recognized and honored at the Mass.

Children should be age 7 or older to prepare for the sacrament. The Parents and Pastor discern jointly if their child is fully ready following an interview during the preparation year. Preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion ordinarily include at least two years of family or classroom based religious education.

We encourage families with several young children who have siblings of close age to go through the program together in the same year. When siblings prepare at the same time, they often prepare better. Parents are fully involved in the classes and retreats. Having multiple children in the program enables the parents to really concentrate on the preparation process in one year.

Registration is in August and September. First Eucharist is after Easter.

photo 4Depending on the date for Easter, the preparation process usually begins after January 1, with First Reconciliation in February or early March, and First Communion beginning on Mother’s Day in May. First Communion classes are scheduled in the time slot as Faith Formation.

There will be an information meeting around the beginning of November, plus or minus a week, after the 9:00am Mass. If you cannot attend, please call Deacon Ben or Carl directly. Watch the bulletin or call the office for each year’s schedule and meeting location. Once you register, you will be notified via e-mail of the time and place.

Students attending public schools, who begin Faith Formation in September, will then move into First Communion classes after the New Year. Students attending Catholic Schools are especially encouraged to join the Faith Formation classes in September of the year of their Sacraments so that both the child and the parents can participate in service activities together and make friends with the other families who will be participating in Sacraments that year. Remember that the Sacraments are not individual awards but initiations into and celebrations of the whole church along with the family and the child and the other families involved. The Sacraments are primary mechanisms to build up the Catholic community and to experience true missionary discipleship.

If you wonder if this might be the year for your child, or have any questions about the program, please call. We look forward to working with you and your child!

Carl & Tricia Longnecker, Catechists 813-731-8619
Deacon Ben, Director 813-839-5337 ext. 206 or


All students in sacramental programs who attend public, home or parochial schools must also register separately for a Faith Formation class or a Youth Group as well. Sacraments are affairs of the entire church and full, active participation in all aspects of church life is necessary.


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St. Patrick Catholic Church Parish Office, 813-839-5337

Deacon Ben Hooks, Faith Formation, 813-839-5337 Ext. 206,

Carlos Flores, EDGE Middle School Youth Ministry, Parish Office: 813-839-5337,

Monica Erickson, Life Teen High School Youth Ministry, Parish Office: 813-839-5337 Ext. 304,

Hiram Rodriguez (Spanish) 813-839-5337 Ext.136,

Joe Brown, RCIA, Parish Office: 813-839-5337,