Lectors proclaim the Word of God to the assembly and share the good news of His saving love at the Masses each weekday and weekend.  To qualify, a lector must: be fully active in the sacramental life of the Church; be a registered parishioner; exhibit a talent for oral interpretation of the texts in a liturgical setting; commit to on-going study of the Bible; and  commit to improve his/her techniques of oral interpretation and vocal expression. Special training sessions will be offered to learn about this ministry as a Proclaimer of the Word. The usual beginning age for lectors is 14 and presumes  maturity and knowledge of the Scriptures normally beyond such an age.  Exceptions are possible for young lectors who show particular promise and dedication.


Lectors Ministry Contact Information:

Fr. Salvator Stefula, T.O.R., 813-839-5337 ext. 115, email