*Currently all Parish meetings, gatherings and events continue to be suspended until further notice.

Circle 1 and Circle 7 are part of the CCW and accommodate the working women’s schedule. Circle 1, Circle 7, and CCW present the Patriotic Rosary and Mary’s Way of the Cross, provide Thanksgiving dinner to our parish seniors, and financially support the HS Youth Ministry. They collect care packages for Catholic Charities.  Circle 1 and Circle 7 assist with the Parish Bingo night. In the spring, they host an annual Plant Sale. Women who want to make a difference, but do not have the ability to be free during the daytime working hours, would enjoy belonging to Circle 1 or Circle 7. There is even an annual Ladies Night Out!



Circle 1  Judy Taiclet 813-837-9607, email 

Circle 7  Denise Hickey 813-610-2768, email