Is God Calling You to be a Priest of Religious?

God wishes all people to be happy and the way of true happiness is following the call God places in our hearts.

Some people are called to marriage, others to the single life, and some to deeper relationship with God and His church through the vocation of Religious Consecration (Sisters and Brothers) or Priesthood.

How do we know what path God is calling us to follow?
The simple answer is listen to God’s voice. The hard part is hearing God’s voice in this world of MP3 players, cell phones, and text messaging. The first thing that is required to decern God’s voice is of course Prayer. You can’t follow where God is leading if you don’t know the sound of His voice. Spend time daily in personal prayer and reading scripture.

“Speak, Lord for your servant is listening”  ( I Samuel 3:9)

Spiritual Guidance…
Make an appointment to meet with a priest by contacting our Pastor Fr. Sal Stefula, T.O.R. at 813-839-5337 Ext. 115 or You can’t live a lifestyle you don’t know about. Meet with a priest and see what their daily life is like. Remember to take one step at a time and know that God is with you as you seek His will for you.