Grief Hope

The Grief-Hope Ministry offers help to those in grief.  To help understand and find comfort within the grieving process, the facilitators  follow an eight-week practical and spiritual program that, by praying, sharing, and   listening, addresses the issues of those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. This group will greatly benefit those who are grieving a loss and would like to be in a supportive setting with others on a similar journey.  The   leaders will present topics to help you move toward resolution of your grief. Topics may include: Crazy Is Normal, Understanding the Phases of Grief, Surviving Stress and Loneliness, Our Feelings of Denial, Bargaining and Guilt, Our Feelings of Anger and Depression, Helping Children through Grief, Spiritual Elements of Grief and Healing, and The Value of Memories. Attendance at all sessions is not mandatory but a commitment to the process is a helpful step. There is no fee and the series may be repeated.

Grief-Hope Ministry Contact Information:

Ruth Duvall, Lay Coordinator, Parish Office, 813-839-5337, email