An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is called out of his/her deep faith to participate in assisting the priest with the distribution of  Holy Communion during Mass. Any registered member of our parish who is a participating Catholic in good standing with all sacraments of initiation may join. An extraordinary minister demonstrates reverence for the Eucharist in demeanor and dress, and maintains strong spiritual commitment to serve the parish at Eucharistic celebrations. All members must be approved by the pastor, discernment is      involved, initial training is given, and updates are provided, as needed. Extraordinary Ministers attend one day of reflection each year in September. There are Extraordinary Ministers at each of the five weekend Masses. An Extraordinary Minister selects a preferred Mass and generally serves about every other week. Scheduling is flexible and done quarterly.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion during Mass Ministry Contact Information:

Fr. Salvator Stefula, T.O.R., (813) 839-5337 Ext. 115, Email