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Children and Families Faith Formation News! February 12, 2017

Many thanks for all the donations and support for the PB&J Family Service Event last Sunday morning!  In an hour, we made yet another new record:  240 PB&J sandwiches for lunches and over 120 bags of personal toiletry items for the homeless.  We used 24 loaves of bread, over 20 lbs. of peanut butter and 12 lbs. of preserves.  And the beautiful cards… What great artists we have!  Absolutely amazing!  We are a small parish with very large hearts.

Thanks as well to Carmello Melitiche, and Monica Erickson, who along with ten teens and members of the Life Teen Core Team ventured downtown to distribute the food and toiletries that same afternoon.  While giving out the food and gifts, the word went around like smoke in the air that a group of nice young people were giving away food and stuff.  Within just a few minutes, the street dwellers and local residents were coming out to see what was happening.  An elderly Grandmother who is raising five children, all younger than six, all children left behind because of poor parental choices, brought the children out to join the line.  Two of our teens sat at a picnic table with a couple of the little children, reading the beautifully colored cards to them, their Grandmother standing watchfully nearby, as they shared this prayer: 

“From the heart of God to our hands to you…  ‘May He bless you and keep you.  May His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.  May He look upon you with kindness. And give you His peace… Amen”  (Num 6:24-26).   

That afternoon, our teens were the ones whose faces were shining, filled with God’s graciousness and kindness, and sharing his peace.

Special thanks also to the CCW ladies who primed our child labor brigade with juice and  incredible pastries!  Please see the photos below and many more on our website.

Looking ahead, our Second Grade class is getting ready for their retreat and First Reconciliation sacrament on the way to receiving their First Communion on Mother’s Day. Please continue to pray for them.

Faith Formation classes DO NOT MEET this weekend.  Enjoy a family weekend together. Regular classes including Coffee with Clergy return the following weeks as does Show and Tell, led off by the First Grade Class taught by Beth Enriquez and assisted by Mary Alice Moore.  For questions about Faith Formation, please contact Deacon Ben Hooks in the Church Office,

God bless you all!  Deacon Ben   


Phone: 813-839-5337 ext. 206




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About our Children & Families Faith Formation Program

Looking for Sunday school or CCD classes or Religious Education? You have found them!

We are a family-friendly, multi-generational, faith formation program known as Children and Families Faith Formation. At St. Patrick, we teach children about the Catholic faith in a unique    format that involves all generations. Our faith formation program includes about 25 classroom lessons and several special events held during the school year. DSCN2202Essentially all of the classroom lessons and events are designed for the child and parent. Families with children with special needs appreciate our unique format and small class sizes. Sometimes we have classes and activities
where the family works together. Often we separate and the children go to a classroom with a catechist while the adults go to a different room for a unique program, Coffee with the Clergy, where adults are offered their own formation opportunities. At the end of class, the children reunite with parents and present a Show and Tell of what they have learned that day. We average three meetings a month beginning in mid-September and ending before the end of May. More information is available on our Children and Families Faith Formation webpage or our parish calendar.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESInter-Generational Events

 sessions of our faith formation program are inter-generational, where parents & children participate together in special service events to benefit the homeless, the ill, the homebound, or those whose needs cry for help.  These events let learning extend into the hands of the children and parents so that the idea of helping others becomes a present reality. We need volunteers for set-up, food, decorations, and craft/activity tables at our inter-generational events and to distribute the food or gifts to the homeless, homebound, and nursing home patients. This is a whole community learning experience where all ages take part. 

Three Areas Where You Can Help

CarpetCatechists and Catechist Aides are called by God to openly share their faith in the classroom with the children.  Their first purpose is not to merely inform the students, but to feed them spiritually, to shape them as loving persons, and to form them into true disciples of our Lord.  This is not your average job description! 

Administrative Assistants make the program run smoothly, helping with inventory, ordering books and supplies, registering students, entering attendance, making copies, opening and closing classrooms, preparing for events, posting bulletin and website notices, offering joyful welcomes, etc.

Supporting Parents prepare healthy snacks for the children in the classrooms. In every classroom, when the child arrives, there will be a table set with drinks, snacks, napkins, a candle, and Bible so that the class begins with sharing and thanking God for His goodness.

Safe Environment Program

St. Patrick Catholic Church supports the Diocese of Saint Petersburg Safe Environment Program. Anyone entrusted with the care, responsibility, and/or supervision of children and youth is   required to complete a background check based on electronic fingerprinting and successfully complete a three-hour Safe Environment Program (SEP) training course performed by the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

Each year, the parents and children in our faith formation classes from K through 12th grade will be offered information on creating a safe environment for themselves and their families. The information taught will be age-appropriate. Parents will have an opportunity to review the teaching materials beforehand and choose for their families/children to participate or decline participation.

image2.croppedSacrament Preparation

First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion

During the preparation for Sacraments, the parents and children often study together. The sacramental programs for both First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion are six to eight weeks long with a family   retreat at the beginning and end of the program.  The retreats are special times of closeness and spiritual development for both child and parent. First Communion Class 2016


Our Confirmation program is a two-year process, beginning in the 7th grade and continuing into the 8th grade. New for the 7th grade pre-Confirmation year is the highly acclaimed series “Decision Point” by Matthew Kelly. The 8th grade sacramental year utilizes the inspiring series, “Chosen,” by Chris Stefanik of Franciscan University. The 8th grade retreat will be held in the spring at the Bethany Center. The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated by the bishop after Easter.

RCIA for Families

Sometimes, for any number of reasons, one, two, or even all the children in a family may not have received their sacraments at the same time as their peers. We welcome those parents and families who decide to bring their children to the church to participate in the sacraments    given to us by Jesus Christ. We gather the families together and address each of the needs presented. Through a flexible program, we assist in preparing the family for any or all of the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation. Last year, we had ten families with 16 children who completed their Sacraments through this   program derived from the USCCB’s “RCIA adapted for Children.”

2016- 2017 Faith Formation Brochure

2016-2017 Faith Formation Registration Form

2016 – 2017 Faith Formation Schedule

Please click the link above and turn the form in by one of the following options;

  • Print the form, fill it in by hand and turn it into the Parish office Monday through Friday 9am-4pm
  • Print the form, fill it in by hand and mail it to St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Parish Office, 4518 South Manhattan Ave.Tampa, FL 33611
  • Print the form, fill it in by hand and turn it in at the Registration times after the Masses
  • Print the form, fill it in by hand, Scan and Email the form to Deacon Ben Hooks

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St. Patrick Catholic Church Parish Office, 813-839-5337

Deacon Ben Hooks, Faith Formation, 813-839-5337 Ext. 206,

Carlos Flores, Middle School Youth Ministry, Parish Office: 813-839-5337,

Monica Erickson, High School Youth Ministry, 813-839-5337 Ext. 304,

Hiram Rodriguez (Spanish) 813-839-5337 Ext.136,

Dr. Joseph Brown, RCIA, Parish Office: 813-839-5337,