November 1, 2020 12:00 pm

Solemnity of All Saints
Sunday, November 1, 2020⁠
Fr. Alberto Bueno, T.O.R.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We pause this weekend to remember those members of our broad faith community who have run the race, who have endured to the end and now share in the promises of heaven. We think of the well-known holy ones whose stories inspire us, we think also of the saints from our own lives, real people with faults and failings as well as plenty of love and laughter, people whose lives we recall with pain and joy. We trust that these beloved children of God do indeed see Him in truth, for to them have been revealed the truths that we know only in part.
The Gospel text of the Beatitudes which we hear today, and which Pope Francis described as the program for sanctity, indicates to us that Jesus shows us that sanctity does not presuppose a separation from the world (because then how would we weep, or be persecuted or work for justice…), but rather to experience the reality of the Incarnation by the power of love which conquers evil in all circumstances. For this, when Jesus was raised to heaven and opened the dwellings of the saints, He sent us the Holy Spirit. To live the Beatitudes is nothing more or less than our task of configuring ourselves with Christ the Son: impossible task if it were not for the power of grace, led by the Holy Spirit who guides and models for us the life of holiness.
As we are all called to be saints, by virtue of our Baptism, this is our lofty goal and this day is our festival day. So Happy Feast to all.

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