November 15, 2020 12:00 pm

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sunday, November 15, 2020⁠
Reflection by: Fr. Alberto Bueno, T.O.R.

My dear Brothers and Sisters,

As I was preparing for this weekend, I came across these words by Caroline Pignat. I believe they will help us to deepen our understanding of today’s Gospel.

“Today’s gospel challenges us to think about what we bring to life’s table. It’s time to take stock: What are my gifts? How will I contribute? If life is a potluck, what will I bring? This may be difficult. Instead of seeing what we do have, we obsess over the many ingredients we lack. We think that our gifts may be less obvious than those of others and doubt we can make much with our gifts. Besides, someone more capable is probably bringing it already. We convince ourselves we have nothing worth sharing and so we don’t contribute. Like that talent-burying servant, we are talked out of trying by fear and laziness. We hoard and bury; we close ourselves off. In doing so, we mooch from life’s table. By taking and failing to give, we feast on the gifts of others yet leave them hungry for what we hoard. Perhaps that is why the master was so upset. Today, take stock, thank God for your gifts. Ask for God’s help to get cooking with them, because the world craves what only you can bring to the table.”

Sisters and Brothers, strive to not hoard and bury your gifts. God gave them for your use and wellbeing. Use them to build God’s kingdom wherever our Lord has placed you!

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