St. Patrick Parish is now offering Online Giving through Our Sunday Visitor!

Please Read Instructions Below

Online Giving is a secure, easy-to-use, web-based approach to giving to our Parish. We are providing this service so that you have the option to manage your contributions online. After creating an account, you are given the option to set up a pledge, a recurring gift, or a one-time gift in each of several accounts. Online giving also assists you in maintaining your Parish giving even if you cannot be here at Mass while you are away.

This convenient new system does not require you to contact your bank or parish office to sign up or to make changes. Through Online Giving, you can use any of your checking, savings or credit/debit card accounts and the funds will be automatically transferred to St. Patrick Parish bank account. You can make changes to your account at anytime and anywhere through internet access. You can see reports on your contribution history and generate tax statements at year end.

Please Note there are two ways to use Online Giving

If you are a Parishioner or regular contributor use the Create Account Option
Once you initially create your account, simply log on to make changes, review your reports, etc. You can use this secure account to manage your Offertory, Church Improvement Fund, Holy Days, Easter, Christmas, Flower and Other Designated Contributions, the Year-end Appeal, and Special Intention giving, etc.

If you are NOT a Parishioner or regular contributor use the Quick Give Option
You can use this approach to make one-time donations for Special Intention giving only.

If you would like to give to St. Patrick Catholic Church on a regular basis, please use the Create Account Option described above.

Please notice that your offering envelopes you receive in the mail will have a check box, which indicates, “I Give Online”, which you can use to present during the offertory at Mass.  To enhance your personal privacy and security, the existing paper form online giving approach will be completely phased out December 31, 2013.  As you begin to contribute using your new account, Nilda will automatically cancel your current account.  Please contact her if you have any questions, problems or issues with this.

Please click the link below to sign up for Online Giving and begin contributing automatically to our parish. If needed, assistance is always available in the Parish Office during our regular hours. Please call 813-839-5337 Ext. 134 or email Holly Sclafani.

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